What To Expect When You Visit An Occupational Therapist

It is a well-known fact that Occupational therapists are very in demand today due to the increasing number of people suffering from physical, mental and social disabilities. Occupational therapists are the ones who provide help to people who are facing problems related to the mental health, social functioning, and occupational issues. Occupational therapists help people from various ages and they are the ones who formulate a special treatment program specifically designed for the needs of each patient.

During your first visit with an occupational therapist, he or she will ask certain questions about yourself, your family and other questions related to your life, your profession, and to the community you belong. The therapist may also ask questions about your medical history and certain serious problems you encountered or are still facing today. It is also important for the occupational therapist to determine if you have already undergone certain therapy, treatments and medications before so expect to provide this information during your first session with your occupational therapist.

The first session is usually an interview about the patient. For the second visit, the occupational therapist may conduct diagnosis and physical examinations in order to get a better picture of the physical condition of the patient. These physical examinations and diagnosis may include general observation of the patient’s physical attributes and posture, range of motion, mobility, flexibility, strength, reflexes, and attention. Examinations to test alertness, concentration and reaction to certain stimulus may also be conducted in order to determine your mental condition.

Once the occupational therapist have all the necessary information needed to fully understand and determine the condition of the patient, they can now device a specific treatment plan for the particular patient. The overall treatments and sessions may take weeks or months depending on the needs and condition of the patient. Some sessions may be conducted personally or one-on-one with the occupational therapist just like the first few sessions while some sessions may also be conducted with a group.

Knowing the things that usually happen when visiting an occupational therapist is very important in order to know what to expect and to be prepared for the visit. Some people may get really scared and anxious when they do not know what will happen and what to expect in an occupational therapy session. Some patients tend to get confused and scared.  Thus leading them to lie and provide false information to their practitioner unintentionally. Knowing the things that may happen during a visit with an occupational therapist is definitely helpful for patients.


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