What Is The Role Of An OT Working In A Hospital?

You would think that an occupational therapist will only work in his private clinic or rehabilitation center but you should know that they also work in hospitals. Occupational therapists are highly needed in different medical facilities and they have a huge role in all of them.

What Does An Occupational Therapist Do In Hospitals?

Occupational therapists work with different patients. They help these patients gain independence and recover from injuries or disorders. Occupational therapists in hospitals as well as in rehabilitation centers work in in-patient and outpatient units. These can be patients suffering from mental, emotional, physical or developmental disorders. These patients can go to the hospital for therapy while other patients are admitted.

Occupational Therapists In Hospitals Given that occupational therapists work in hospitals, they will meet with different patients every day. They should be compassionate individuals and should be very communicative. Occupational therapists can work with different age groups but some occupational therapists choose to have a specialization. Some occupational therapists in hospitals focus on treating children, post-birth injuries or mentally ill patients.

Just like what occupational therapists do in the rehab center and their private clinics, occupational therapists develop treatment plans and administer the therapeutic activities to patients. An occupational therapist assistant can help with this. Proper evaluation of the condition of a patient is done and then planning for the treatment plan is done after. The occupational therapist continuously monitors the progress of the patient until he or she is fully recovered.

How Can Occupational Therapists In Hospitals Help Patients?

The good thing about occupational therapists working in the hospital is that patients need not go far to seek occupational therapy. Often, a patient will have to consult with a physician first before seeking occupational therapy. If the patient is a child with behavioral issues, that patient will have to consult with a pediatric doctor first before being recommended for occupational therapy. In this case, the patient does not have to go far to look for an occupational therapist. Since the doctor and occupational therapist works in the same hospital, they have a good idea of the competency of one another.

Another benefit of occupational therapists working in hospitals is the ease of communication and coordination with the physician. These two healthcare professionals can exchange notes about your progress easily and make sure that your recovery is speedy. This way, you can be assured that your doctor and occupational therapist are indeed working together to get you on the healthy road.

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