What Is The Goal Of Occupational Therapy?

Have you always wanted to be an occupational therapist? This job can be tough but consider it a challenge. As an occupational therapist, you get to help people get better and the everyday challenges will help you build your character and get better in your job as well.

Online occupational therapy degrees are widely available and you can choose to get your degree anytime you please. But before you enroll, you have to make sure that this is the career that you really want to pursue.

What is the goal of occupational therapy? The main goal is to increase the function and independence of a person with physical disabilities. Occupational therapists call their exercises as functional activities. This refers to repetitive exercises, which will work on increasing the mobility and function of the disability.

For instance, a person with limited upper body movement and strength can be treated with exercises like lifting weights over the head or using the arm exercise bike. The functional activity that will be used will depend on the condition of the person and the area of the body that needs therapy.

Occupational therapy does not just stop through helping the body recover but it can benefit the body in other ways as well. Perhaps the patient enjoys playing basketball. The therapist can also help in increasing the strength of the muscles as well as the range of motion to be able to play the sport better. Exercises to help you shoot better will be applied.

Physical disabilities are not the only things occupational therapy is concerned. Mental health that inhibits daily functioning or cause developmental delays are also covered by occupational therapy. For instance, children with autism who cannot focus or speak can be treated with occupational therapy.

Occupational therapy can be used in different settings, which can create different set of goals too. The intervention can be done in the home, clinic, school or rehab. Clearly, occupational therapists have a big role in helping a person regain his or her body and mental functions. But for the most part, the ultimate goal of occupational therapy is all about treating the function, development and behavioral issues of a person.

Now that you know the goals of occupational therapy, are you ready to embrace this career? If you are, look online for an accredited occupational therapy school and start getting your degree. Being an occupational therapist is rewarding and very fulfilling. It might be a challenge but it is definitely a good challenge in your life.

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