What Does an Occupational Therapist Specializing in Cognitive Therapy Do?

There are many reasons or causes why people suffer from physical, mental, or social problems. Because of these problems, people find it hard to function properly and live a happy life. One of the most important factors that can affect our daily activity and functioning is our ability to interact with other people either at work, at school, in the community or even in the whole society you belong. Occupational therapy is one of the main health care services that address these problems and help people with physical, social and cognitive disabilities.

Occupational therapists specializing in cognitive therapy help people with mental and behavioral problems by improving the patient’s behavior, thinking ability and the way they handle and respond to their emotions. An occupational therapist will first evaluate the patient to determine the real problem and the main cause of the disorder then device a treatment program specifically designed for the condition and needs of the particular patient. They will also analyze various aspects such as home environment, work environment and even the communities to determine the specific psychotherapy treatment that will help the patients overcome their disabilities and function well in the society.

Some of the main functions of occupation therapists with specialization in cognitive therapy are:

  • Encourage the patient to be open and talk about their feelings, emotions and behavior.
  • Try to device a rehabilitation program to develop the patient’s thinking and social skills.
  • Help patients control their emotions and behaviors.
  • Provide support to patients especially adults that are experiencing changes in their cognitive abilities and physical attributes so they can cope up properly.
  • Help children with disabilities by formulating a therapy and treatment program that will help the children cope up and participate properly in school and in various situations.
  • Work with other professionals to get the best solution for the patient’s problem.
  • Work with the patient’s family, relatives, co-employees and friends to provide the best support and treatment for the patient.

According to some research, health services like occupational therapy are some of the most in demand health services today. Many people from kids to adults suffer from physical, emotional, mental and social problems. If you want to be an occupational therapist, you can also choose cognitive therapy as your main specialization since most problems that need occupation therapy services involve learning disabilities, thinking dysfunction and poor social or interaction skills.

With this profession, you get to help people live a happier and more satisfying life and function well in society while also earning a stable and high income.

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