Treatment Offered By Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapy has the main goal of developing and introducing activities that alleviate cognitive and physical conditions. Such treatments are applicable to children and adults. The objective of the treatment is to help these people lead fulfilling lives, improve quality of life, gain independence and emphasize performance in daily activities. Disabilities that occupational therapy deals with can be congenital or caused by an accident. For the older people, occupational therapy treatments deal with mental and physical problems due to the aging process.

Occupational therapy treatments will vary from one patient to another. Most treatments will include activities that have something to do with arts and craft. Occupational therapists find success in using these activities to help cure the physical and psychological disabilities of patients. Arts and crafts are important in occupational therapy.

Occupational therapy often deals with patients who have physical problems in their upper extremities and with their daily tasks. They use treatments and activities that will improve the fine and gross motor skills of the patient. For instance, if a patient has problems with finger coordination, making an ashtray out of clay should be a good activity. This will exercise the fingers and refine its movements. For patients who have problems with shoulder and elbow movement, painting over a large canvas is a good activity to do. For children who have lack muscle tone and physical balance, structured play is performed. Children who need to develop fine motor skills should do handwriting exercises.

Occupational therapists also help patients who have problems psychologically. These patients may be experiencing some setbacks in life, which has made them depressed. There are people born with congenital mental disabilities and they have trouble with performing daily activities such as grooming and bathing. Occupational therapy treatments will focus on teaching skills to these patients as well as helping them improve social interaction. The aim for these treatments is to improve the self-esteem of the patient as they will become productive and functioning members of society already.

Patients who are suffering from a disabling injury or permanent disability can affect the person’s mental well-being as well. Since the patient will find it tough to move around and may feel unproductive, occupational therapists will help them perform rehabilitative activities. Walking, standing up, sitting on chairs, toileting and grooming are just some of the rehabilitative activities to be done. Occupational therapists will also help the patient learn how to use supportive equipment.

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