Traits Of A Good Occupational Therapist

Do you want to become a good occupational therapist? You have the heart of gold and your passion for caring and helping others should not be wasted. Becoming an occupational therapist might be your calling and this is a calling you must answer. Occupational therapists have a very fulfilling job as they get to help patients improve their quality of life. Financially, this job is very rewarding too. The road to becoming an occupational therapist is long but it will be all worth it once you reach the end of the road.

Education and experience are very important to become an effective occupational therapist but these are not the only things that you need. To be a good occupational therapist, there are certain traits and qualities that you need to possess. Below is a list of traits that you need to have in order to become a great occupational therapist someday. If you are determined, developing these traits will be easy.

  • Patience- As an occupational therapist, you should be a very patient person. You will deal with patients with physical, emotional, developmental and mental disabilities. It will take time before their condition improves or let alone get use to a certain skill. You have to be patient enough until your patient reaches the desired outcome.
  • Friendly and Communicable- Occupational therapists will work with many people and you should be able to communicate effectively with all of them. You should be friendly with the family members, occupational therapist assistants and aides as well as the different patients you will meet with every day.
  • Passionate and Compassionate- An occupational therapist should have the strong desire to help and treat others. You should be empathetic and always have the interest of your patients at heart. When a patient sees your genuine care, they will confident in you and will be motivated to work with you. Remember that your relationship with the patient is a huge factor in the success of the treatment.
  • Problem-Solver- occupational therapists should be able to solve problems quickly. You will be faced with different situations each day and you should know how to get around these problems. There are unforeseen circumstances with patients that you have to deal with in order to proceed with the treatment. Your creative thinking and problem solving skills are very important.

As you can see, your qualifications are not the only things that matter if you wish to become a great occupational therapist. Work on these traits and become the best occupational therapist you can be.

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