The Challenges Of Becoming An Occupational Therapist

In any career that is pursued, challenges are always faced no matter how passionate is of that course.  No profession is ever easy to follow so it is essential to work hard to achieve such goal.  In becoming an occupational therapist, what is undergone is no different than any other degree and can even be more challenging than other degrees.  This is because the minimum requirement to become an occupational therapist is completing a master’s program.  With this, the aspiring occupational therapist needs five to six years of full time schooling.  This can be exhausting in all aspects including physically, mentally, emotionally and of course financially.

But when there is determination, anyone can take on the hurdles and still come out successful in being an occupational therapist.  To get ready for these in the field of occupational therapy, it is important to prepare in high school already.  Getting more science subjects related to occupational therapy is helpful as well as other materials that are available.  Volunteering for a licensed occupational therapist in the area will be a good exposure to what is the actual work.  This can be done in both high school and college to ensure that the career decision is the best one.

Aside from reading about occupational therapy early on and volunteering, maintaining high grades is also recommended.  With high scores, the aspiring student can apply for scholarships in top universities for occupational therapy.  This is a challenge in itself as high school years can be full of changes both in physical and emotional with all the raging hormones and peer pressure.  This can also follow through college though on a lower range but is still there.  So the student has to have the focus and prioritize schooling to be able to be an occupational therapist.

For those that have the financial shortage, this can pose as a problem to the student.  However, applying for scholarship grants or working part time to pay the tuition can solve this.  Others avail of student loans but the thought of already incurring credit while still studying can be disheartening.  Therefore, to make it less daunting, working part-time for an occupational therapist and getting of a much lesser student loan is possible.

Challenges are always present no matter the circumstance and situation that a person is currently experiencing.  For someone who wants to be an occupational therapist trials will be dealt with.  What is important in the end is overcoming them and being able to survive in spite of the tests.  Some even welcome them to be able to come out better persons and more understanding in practicing their profession.

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