Salary Range For Occupational Therapy Travel Jobs

The work of the occupational therapist focuses in providing individualized treatment to their clients to help them do normal activities on their own.  It is because of debilitating conditions that make the patients not learn these things on their own, be it mental, emotional or physical.  With the guidance of the occupational therapist, they can do the normal activities independently and make a life on their own as normal as possible.  The skill are developed to do daily living such as taking a bath, eating, preparing their food as well as working to make a life for themselves.

With this responsibility of the occupational therapist, it is expected then that they are able to receive high salaries.  The annual average salary of the healthcare profession is at $74,500.  This means that those who are fresh graduates can earn lower and those with many years of experience can receive more.  For those who are just starting out in this profession, the entry-level salary is at $60,000.  Finishing a doctorate program will earn the occupational therapist a Ph.D. title and more advancement in the career.  This can also open opportunities to teach in universities as a professor in occupational therapy.  Occupational therapists that have already gained significant years of experience and have doctoral degrees can earn as much as $87,000 in yearly pay.

The company that hires the occupational therapist as well as the area where the profession is practiced can affect the salary range.  For those that work in bigger cities spends more on living costs, thus the potential income is higher from those that work in less urbanized locations.  Travelling occupational therapists also receive more in salaries as well as job perks because of their availability to work in different places in any given assignment.

To become an occupational therapist takes a master’s program to be completed.  Some schools even offer dual programs that integrate the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in occupational therapy.  Taking the dual program is shorter by a year than getting a separate bachelor’s degree and pursuing a master’s program occupational therapy.  Those who are determined early on to be occupational therapists can select the dual program.  Many find the career of the occupational therapist satisfying because of the goal of the work that is involved, which is helping others learn to live and be independent.  Other than just looking at the salary, this is what pushes the occupational therapists to be in this healthcare position.

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