Occupational Therapy: Why Opt For It

There are people who have difficulty in maintaining their work skills or just maintaining their daily living due to physical, mental, emotional or developmental problems. An occupational therapist is needed to help these patients learn what they need to know and do in order for them to have an independent living. An occupational therapist helps his or her patients by coping with the loss of skills, improvement in reasoning abilities as well as the motor skills.

The career path in occupational therapy has a lot of benefits. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics stated that occupational therapy is available in various settings especially in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, or orthopedic settings. It is also one of the fast growing jobs in the United States. This means great opportunity for those who want to be an occupational therapist. Your chances of being employed will drastically increase if you specialize in a specific treatment such as ergonomic consultant or driver rehabilitation. This is really a fast growing occupation, which is predicted to increase by 26% within five years. This is due to the increase in the aging population as well as the increase in the number of people with disabilities. The need for occupational therapist will significantly increase as special education services develop in schools.

It is really a fulfilling and lucrative career to have because occupation therapist also gets an annual bonus as one of their work benefits. The amount of the bonus may not be the same from each individual and may depend on their working experience. According to Payscale.com, five to nine years of working experience will give you a median bonus of around $1,400. However, occupational therapist with less than a year of working experience may be able to receive a bonus of around $1,000. Another great benefit for an occupational therapist is having insurance. They work in the medical field so it is just right to have health insurance as one of their benefits. Those who travel for short-term work may also receive private housing and accident coverage.

Vacation time is also a benefit for occupational therapist. They are still paid while enjoying on their vacation. The number of days and the amount received during vacation time may also vary according to their work experience and to the employer. The vacation time may range from 1.9 weeks up to 2.2 weeks every year depending on their experience, position and the employer.

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