Occupational Therapy – One of the ”Best Careers” in 2012

One of the most lucrative jobs nowadays is Occupational Therapy. Through this kind of health service, people are encouraged and provided help in order for them to obtain a satisfying and meaningful life. Occupational therapy usually involves helping people interact and participate in various activities that they want and need to do. The activities referred in the health service include common daily activities like grooming and dressing, household chores like shopping, cleaning and cooking, community activities, functions in work and school, and some leisure activities and sports. Through occupational therapy treatments and services, patients get to derive satisfaction and happiness while doing a satisfying and proper job either at home, work, school or in the community.

Entering this kind of job can be both fulfilling and profitable since occupational therapists are very in demand today and the salary is also high. Occupational therapists can have clients of all ages from adults, teens and even kids. Certified and fully licensed occupational therapists can work in numerous areas from mental health services, pediatrics, learning disabilities, physical rehabilitations, primary care, researching and more. Depending on their specialization and preferred work area, occupational therapy practitioners can also work in community service centers, academic institutions, hospitals, residential, commercial and industrial organizations, social service departments, government institutions and non-profit or non-government agencies.

According to a study, an occupational therapy can earn an average income of $35 per hour and an average annual income of $80,000 to $100,000. The salary can be lower or higher depending on the location of your work or office, experience earned, your work setting and the number of hours you lend for the job. To become a certified occupational therapist, you need to finish a 4-year bachelor’s degree preferably related to science and psychology, and an additional 2-year masters program specializing on occupational therapy. After finishing the masters program, you will undergo trainings and after obtaining proper training, you will have to pass the board exam in order to be registered and accredited as a licensed occupational therapist.

Thinking and deciding on what course and profession to take can be quite confusing. It can be difficult sometimes. But if you want to have a stable, fulfilling and lucrative job, then being an occupational therapist can be a good choice. As an occupational therapist, you get to help people of all ages to obtain a satisfying and happy life.

You also have wide option in terms of work area from hospitals, health centers, community service centers and more. There are also many institutions and organizations that offer financial support and scholarships for aspiring occupational therapists.

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