Occupational Therapy Licensing Requirements For States In Federal Region VIII

When getting a license for occupational therapy, you have to take into consideration the requirements mandated by the state. Take note though that each state has its own requirements for licensure.

States Included in The Standard Federal Region VIII:

  • Colorado
  • Montana
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Wyoming


It is simple in Colorado, if you have a license in another state and the requirements for that license needs passage of the NBCOT, the Office of Occupational Therapist Registration will give you a license. No temporary licenses are issued in Colorado so even though you are a candidate to take the NBCOT, you will not be able to practice your profession. Additionally, you must register with the Department of Regulatory agencies and your education must be accredited by the ACOTE or the WFOT.


In Montana, the Montana Board of Occupational Therapy Practice is not sanctioning licensure by endorsement or reciprocity. But for those eligible to take the NBCOT will be given a temporary license. Education must be accredited by the ACOTE and applicants must have a minimum 24 hours of fieldwork.

North Dakota

Occupational Therapy Licensing Requirements Only reciprocity is being honored in North Dakota. If you have passed the NBCOT elsewhere, all you need to do is reapply for a license and you can practice occupational therapy in this state. Temporary licenses are issued to those who have completed their education and are valid up until the release of the results of the NBCOT. The applicant must take the exam within four months of graduation.

South Dakota

Like most states, the South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners honors licenses from other states. All you need is verification from the state you were licensed in and you are good to go with your license! Limited licenses are also given to those eligible for the NBCOT. The license will be void upon failure to pass the NBCOT.


To be an occupational therapist in Utah, you must have your license processed in Utah. They will not accept license from other states. Additionally, you will have to pass the Utah Occupational Therapy Law and Rule Exam. Utah is also one of the few states that require you to have an SSN for application.


Unfortunately, the Wyoming Board of Occupational Therapy does not issue licenses via reciprocity or endorsement. Nevertheless, they do offer temporary licenses if you are licensed in another state. The board will need verification of your license from this other state for them to be able to process your license.

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