Occupational Therapy Licensing Requirements For States In Federal Region IX

Boards of Occupational Therapy are responsible for protecting the health, safety, and welfare of individuals who receive Occupational Therapy in a particular state. And with the 51 states in the United States of America, that would also mean 51 boards of occupational therapy, 51 different state licensing requirements, 51 different statutes and provisions regarding licenses, and to top it all off, boards that will not honor licenses given by other boards. So take note of the states you plan on going to and see if you fit the bill. The following are requirements set by the boards of occupational therapy in the states under federal region IX.

States Included in The Standard Federal Region IX:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Nevada


The Arizona Board of Occupational Therapy Examiners does accept licenses from other states. All they will need is a certification from the state you are licensed in to prove the validity. A 4-month temporary license is issued to those waiting to take the exam. If you fail the exam though, the license is void.


Occupational Therapy Licensing Requirements In California, the Board of Occupational Therapy does issue licenses via reciprocity. The education and requirements you had must be at least equal to that of what is being offered in California. Temporary licenses are only issue once for those waiting to take the NBCOT. On important requirement for licensure would be having a United States Social Security Number (SSN). California is one of only a few states that require an SSN, without it, your license will not be processed.


As for that state of Hawaii, the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Professional and Vocational Licensing will not issue licenses via reciprocity or endorsement. You will need to take the state boards and have your license processed again in Hawaii despite being licensed already in another state. Temporary permits are issued for those who will be taking the NBCOT but they have to be supervised by a licensed occupational therapist. Education and fieldwork must also be approved and accredited by the board.


Nevada though is a different story. The Board of Occupational Therapy of the State of Nevada will consider your license if the state you are licensed in has requirements equal to that of Nevada’s. Temporary licenses are also given out for those eligible for licensure and expire in 6 months. As with Hawaii, education and fieldwork must also be approved and accredited by the board.

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