Occupational Therapy is Top Career in 2011

Occupational Therapists (OT) have a goal of assisting disabled clients to recover or develop the skills they need to become more independent and lead a satisfying life at home and at work. In the traditional setting, an OTs are found in hospitals, schools, nursing facilities, mental health facilities, and helping elderly patients through home health options.

In recent years, there has been a growing need for Occupational Therapists. Why? Experts believe its in direct correlation to the amount of retirees and increased medical attention. Experts are predicting an increase of 26% in jobs. This increase and rate is far more than its medical counterparts. Advanced Medical works in providing OT job solutions to health facilities nationwide. Assignments are typically 13 weeks and this short term contract allows the therapist to travel while getting paid.

According to various sources online, the average OT salary varies between $65,000 and $75,000. In 2009, it was $69,630, according to the Labor Department. The top 10% are recorded of making over $100,000 and the lower 10% making $45,340. A traveling OT, the median salary was roughly $89,000, and as a traveler, there are often tax free options available for housing or other expenses attached to traveling therapists. Want to earn more? Think about concentrating your expertise into a specific area such as physical rehabilitation or mental health, or look to advance your career into a managerial role.

Since growing and as it continues to grow, the demand for OTs for continue to increase therefore increasing job demand. At Advanced Medical, we offer 13 week travel assignments with some of the best customer service, pay, benefits, and housing on the market. We’re looking for therapists that can offer great medical care to both urban and rural areas.

Growing demand in OT jobs typically will either fall under perm positions or travel positions. It’s important to consider your options but typically travel can offer you higher pay, great benefits, housing, and more. Ready to travel? Talk to an Advanced recruiter today to see where you can spend your next thirteen (13) weeks.

Want to learn more about Occupational Therapy jobs? Visit Advanced Medical, a Travel Therapy Staffing Company that focuses on travel OT, PT, and SLP jobs.

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