Occupational Therapy Careers – Assisting the Physically Challenged

Why is occupational therapy one of the best careers to pursue in the past few years? There is a consistently high demand for occupational therapists and the pay is good. Occupational therapy is about assisting the physically challenged and treating them. The goal is to improve their quality of life, rehabilitate or teach them to function independently. Occupational therapy sounds like a tough career to pursue but this is a career that will be fulfilling and satisfying.

Patients of occupational therapist are usually disabled, physically or mentally impaired, have problems with cognitive function or are suffering from injuries. Other occupational therapy jobs involve interaction between the physically or mentally challenged patient and the occupational therapist or aide. This is because patients of occupational therapy are unable to perform daily activities, as their movements are limited. Hence, occupational therapists help them develop, recover and improve their functions. The ultimate goal of occupational therapists is to assist patients to live an independent and productive life.

To be an occupational therapist, one has to be certified and licensed. To get a certification, he or she must have a master’s degree in occupational therapy, experience in fieldwork and a passing score in the licensing exam. An undergraduate degree in Biology, Sociology or Psychology is a pre-requisite in applying for a master’s degree program. Furthermore, knowledge and experience are not the only important qualifications of an occupational therapist. He or she should have strong interpersonal skills, as communication is an integral part of the therapy process. He or she should be very patient yet persistent.

What does an occupational therapist job entails? First, an occupational therapist improves the basic motor functions of the physically and mentally challenged patient. The reasoning abilities of the patient will be worked on to. Second, the occupational therapist will help patients perform physical exercises to improve their strength and dexterity. Third, occupational therapists can use any activity they want as long as this will reach their target goal. Using computer programs can be helpful too. This can improve problem-solving skills, perceptual skills and abstract reasoning. Fourth, occupational therapists should be able to work in different environments. An individual must assess the workspace to maximize the treatment. Lastly, an occupational therapist must learn how to deal with different people. He or she must know how to work with children as well as the elderly.

Are you excited about becoming an occupational therapist? If you genuinely care and want to help improve the lives of people then this is certainly the job for you.

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