Occupational Therapy And Your Child

Children with learning disabilities and developmental delays are seeking the help and assistance of occupational therapists. Occupational therapy is a health profession that helps people with physiological, mental, physical and emotional disabilities as well as learning delays to perform activities of daily living without assistance from other people. The main goal of occupational therapy is to restore the optimum health and functioning of an individual inflicted with disability.

Occupational therapists assess the learning ability of a child. If learning and developmental skills are delays, then the child needs therapy. All children like to play, no doubt about it. However, children with learning disabilities do not have the capability to learn by themselves. They need consistent and continuous teaching in able to learn. Occupational therapists help these children to do simple things like eating and drinking as well as socializing with other people through therapeutic activities and learning exercises. In addition, occupational therapists help these children to learn how to interact with other people and learn different colors, shapes and other things around them.

Children with physical and physiological disabilities have the tendency to hide themselves from other children. This lowers their self-esteem and confidence. In able to improve their confidence, occupational therapists help them to make use of the other parts of their body. For instance, a child with spinal injury may have paralysis of the lower limb. The therapist then helps this child to maximize the use of the upper part of his body such as arms and hands.

Occupational therapists also assist and teach the family members on how to handle their children with disabilities as well as how to communicate with them. It is believed that the environment and the people within have a great influence on the success, purpose and goal of the therapy program. Family members and other people are asked to cooperate during therapy so that they can practice the activities and exercises at home. Again, consistency is very important for the child with mental and learning disability to learn simple tasks.

Occupational therapists help children to enhance and improve their ability to learn, interact, communicate and perform activities of daily living on their own. They need to be patience and determined in teaching these children so that the main purpose of their therapeutic plan is achieved. They often collaborate with other healthcare professionals to increase and improve the physical, physiological and mental well-being of the child.

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