Occupational Therapy – What is Occupational Therapy Exactly?

People may have heard of occupational therapy but not exactly know what it is all about.  For one, occupational therapy is basically for those who are in need of physical, mental, emotional or developmental assistance which normal people would not have.  Therefore, exposure to an occupational therapist may be limited and is usually just read or heard.  To get yourself familiar with this kind of therapy, you just need to read on. You might even find this interesting enough to pursue it as a future career.

An occupational therapist is a professional who is involved in getting someone to live life as normal and independent as possible no matter the condition of the patient.  The patient could have a physical, mental or emotional condition at birth or experienced an injury, which may cause some disability.  It is through the guidance and therapy sessions with an occupational therapist that such person is able to move as independently as possible.  It is also through the occupational therapist assistance that a person will be able to have confidence to be able to do the normal routine of a person from self-care, work and also leisure.  The main goal of an occupational therapist is to let a patient live a satisfying life amidst the limitation or disability that is experienced.

This kind of therapy dates back in the ancient times where humane treatment was applied to patients with mental illness.  They were given massages, therapeutic baths, exercise and music to soothe their conditions.  Occupational therapy even challenged the mainstream scientific medicine of not just focusing on the physical aspects but also on other factors that may cause dysfunction in a person.  Eventually in a standard was created for the field of occupational therapy with its principles taken from different disciplines such as nursing, psychiatry, self-help, rehabilitation, orthopedics and social work.  In the United States, this profession has been given importance after the World War 1 when it was realized that the war soldiers needed this kind of therapy to cope up with their life especially those with injuries.

Occupational therapy is one of the medical professions that is able to give a person the hope that no matter the physical, emotional or mental situation, life can still be experienced and lived.  It is through their daily jobs in which they allow a person to dream again and live life to the fullest no matter their condition is.  Therefore, if you want to be part of the healing process of a patient then this is one profession that you can take up and be part of the medical society.

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