Occupational Therapist – Improving Mental Health Problems

You should know that Occupational Therapy is a medical health profession that primarily used to restore, enhance, improve, and maintain physical, physiological, emotional, and mental health of an individual. Individuals suffering developmental delays and learning disabilities also seek the help and assistance of occupational therapists. Occupational therapists have been helping people with mental health problems for many years.

Mental health problem is a condition when the ability of the mind of a person is impaired. Learning, developmental and interactions with other people are restricted as well. People with mental disabilities have difficulties communicating with other people as well as the capability to learn things. With occupational therapy, learning process is improved.

Occupational therapists work with other health professionals to formulate the best treatment plan for the patient. An occupational therapist must:

  • Able to assess the mental capacity and needs of the patient
  • Formulate the best occupational therapeutic intervention for the patient
  • Evaluate the progress and response of each patient after therapy

Managing people with mental health problems may be very difficult. They have different behavioral changes and mood swings, which may be difficult to understand and get their attention during therapy. An occupational therapist must be patient and determined to teach and assist mental health patients as well as find ways to get their attention during therapy. For instance, a child suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome has difficulties concentrating for a specific activity. The occupational therapist must look for therapeutic techniques that will make the child listen and participate in the activity.

Some Activities And Exercises Occupational Therapists Often Use To Help Their Clients

  • Efficiency and Learning Activities

This will help the client to learn simple and new things like drinking, dressing and eating. Performing simple tasks independently is the main purpose of this activity.

  • Recreation Activities

Provides opportunity for patients to participate and interact with other individuals. This enhances communication skills and creativity of the patient as well.

  • Social Skills

The patient learns how to communicate with other people, especially with the people around him.

Occupational therapists must have the patience and perseverance in terms of managing patients with mental disabilities. Individuals with mental health problems need consistency to learn new things. The therapist must also know how to evaluate the response of the patient concerning the therapy provided. This will allow the therapist to know is the treatment plan is working for the patient or not. They also must identify the needs of each patient and address them accordingly.

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