Is Occupational Therapy Treatment Advisable For All Ages?

Occupational therapy is a therapy that is effective in helping people with impairments and disabilities gain independence in daily activities. Patients who seek occupational therapy have physical and mental limitations, which can be congenital or causes by an accident. Occupational therapy is for everyone and for people of all ages. Children and adults benefit from occupational therapy. It can help in areas like work, self-care, social interaction, leisure and domestic activities.

Do not confuse occupational therapy with physical therapy. The areas they focus in are quite different. Physical therapy focuses on physical problems that are mostly caused by an accident or injury. Sports-related injuries are rehabilitated with physical therapy. Occupational therapy is deeper as it deals with the psychological well-being of the person as well. People who are depressed due to a recent accident are better off with occupational therapy treatments. Nevertheless, both physical and occupational therapy is advisable for all ages.

How Can Children And Adults Benefit From Occupational Therapy?

  • Occupational Therapy Looks At The Big Picture

Occupational therapists do not only look at the problem at hand but understands the entire condition of the person. It will be very helpful to you to know the risks of your condition and how it can affect you in different ways. A good example is an obese person. An obese is unhealthy and will often feel pain and discomfort in the leg and back area. An occupational therapist will lessen the pressure and stress in these areas. He will suggest a good pair of shoes that will provide more support. An occupational therapist will encourage the person to lose weight and get rid of any unpleasant feelings.

  • Improve Physical And Mental Health

Occupational therapy will help enhance your physical and mental health through different activities. For your physical well-being, physical exercises will be introduced. Usually, a quicker recovery results when physical OT exercises are done. Exercises are an integral part of an occupational therapy treatment program. Not only does it promote physical health but it also improves mental health. A good physical condition will maintain a sound mind.

  • Occupational Therapy Techniques Are Effective

Aside from the different activities done, there are thermal modalities that an occupational therapy will perform on a patient. If the person has recently suffered an injury, heating pads or ice packs may be used to relieve the pain. These techniques will help reduce inflammation, which will help the muscle or joint recover faster. Once the muscles and joints are ready, exercises and different activities can be performed already.

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