How to Stand Out In Your Occupation Therapy Interview

Finally, you are done with your master’s degree in occupational therapy and you cannot wait to start applying for a job. But before you do, make sure that you have passed the certification exam already. If everything is good, you can submit your resume to healthcare companies, clinics, schools and government agencies. These are the places where occupational therapist works the most. If you are scheduled for an interview, you must make sure that you are prepared and ready. Any job interview is important in your application.

So how do you ace that occupational therapy job interview? Let us look at the basics first as these things are vital to making a good impression in your interview. First, you have to dress appropriately. You have to be professional in your interview and show up in business-professional attire. Fix your hair and make sure your nails are clean. For men, shaving beards is a must while women should not wear heavy make-up.

Second, always arrive on time on your interviews and be ready. The first question that will be asked of you is to tell the interviewer about yourself. This is the part where you highlight all your skills, talents, educational degrees and experiences. Simply share all information as it is and do not add any unnecessary comments. What is important here is that you are able to show the best qualities about yourself in a matter of minutes.

Third, prepare for negative questions, as this will be asked to check how you can handle stress. These questions will surprise you but if you stay calm, you can answer properly. Always be honest with your answers but be smart about it as well. Do not bad-mouth or talk bad about your previous employer, this is a big no-no. Moreover, always be humble in your interview. No employers want to hire a boastful and over-confident employee working for them.

Fourth, do not ask about the salary but let them be the one to initiate the topic of pay. Starting this topic alone might put you in a bad light with the interviewer.

Lastly, you must be confident. Interviewers can easily see through people who are nervous or are not being honest with their answers. These people are trained to discern actions and movements. Everything you do during the interview will be taken into account. The job of an occupation therapist is hard and the employer wants to see that you are confident about yourself.

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