How to Get an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Therapy Online

It is quite common that if you are in the process of considering a career in the field of occupational therapy and do not know how to start, you might want to be acquainted with getting an associate’s degree first. It serves as a stepping-stone to your dream job while it could be a good way to earn a living. Basically, an associate degree in occupational therapy would qualify an individual to be an occupational therapy assistant. The scope of practice of both therapists are almost the same, it is just that occupational therapists have more authority and responsibility.

So what are the necessary steps to earn an associate’s degree? There is more than one way to have this degree. The first thing you should do is to get a high school diploma or an equivalent. This will make sure that you are ready academically in taking an associate’s degree curriculum. Almost all schools would require an individual to pass an admission exam pertaining to basic subjects such as English, Science and Mathematics.

You can choose a school to attend to or you can avail education through the internet. There is a growing trend where universities and colleges make their services available online thus the birth of e-learning or better known as online learning and distance learning took place. This is relatively new but very effective mode of education, which anyone can truly benefit from.

An associate’s degree in occupational therapy may take around one to two years of study. Within these years, you would be taught of the necessary knowledge and skills to be a competent occupational therapy assistant. These include getting familiar with different client needs, doing assessment, formulating care plan, carrying out therapeutic procedures and evaluating patient’s progress.

The curriculum for aspiring occupational therapy assistant includes different scientific disciplines such as human developmental stages, psychology, human occupation, speech fundamentals, therapeutic skills, and other related studies. Furthermore, you have to complete a specific number of hours in clinical exposures. All are essential to finish the entire course.

After studying, you have to take a registration exam to eligibly practice your profession. This is vital to evaluate and to make sure the overall quality of occupational therapy assistant industry. You can also attend continuing education such as seminars. Better yet, pursue a higher education in the same or related field. You would eventually be successful in every step you take. Just take time to gather information regarding your decisions.

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