How To Become An Occupational Therapist Aide

The road to becoming a certified occupational therapist is long so some people choose to start their careers as an occupational therapist aide. An occupational therapist aide’s job is important as it provides support to occupational therapists. It may not earn as much as an occupational therapist but the pay is good enough since you do not have to pursue a degree anyway. Occupational therapist aides earn around $20,000 to $32,000 per year and the demand continues to increase. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics expects an employment increase until 2016. With the increasing aging population, more occupational therapist aides are needed.

How To Become An Occupational Therapist Aide?

  • The basic requirement to be on occupational therapist aide is a high school diploma or G.E.D. There is really no need to get formal education but enrolling in vocational courses will help. Most people who became an occupational therapist aide are already training on the job.
  • As an occupational therapist aide, you will learn about the proper use of equipment and what equipment to use. Before applying for a job, familiarize yourself with the equipment too. This will be helpful in job interviews.
  • Study a bit on what occupational therapist do and what cases they handle. You cannot simply apply for a job that you know nothing about. An occupational therapist will hesitate hiring you if you are clueless about the field of occupational therapy.
  • When applying for a job, create a resume to highlight your skills. Some of the skills needed for the job are clerical skills, preparing equipment and organizing appointments. Gathering as much extracurricular activities like volunteer work or community service will be an advantage.
  • You can look for a job in hospitals, nursing homes or private occupational therapy clinics. Looking online for a job as an occupational therapist aide might be fruitful too.

It is not hard to become an occupational therapist aide but you will have higher chances of being hired if you are somewhat educated and trained. There are vocational courses online that you can take to prepare you to become an occupational therapist aide. Once an employer sees that you have undergone occupational therapist aide training, you have an advantage over the others. More credits under your belt mean bigger opportunities await you.

Starting a career as an occupational therapist aide can be your stepping-stone to becoming an occupational therapist if you choose to continue your education. An unlicensed occupational therapist aide cannot administer therapy alone.

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