How Long Does It Take To Get A Degree On Occupational Therapy

People who have passion in giving themselves to others should consider a career on occupational therapy. This career would allow you to help other people during the lowest point of their lives and be part of their struggle towards recovery. Occupational therapists are rewarded both financially and personally. Since occupational therapists are now in great demand, it would be an ideal time for you to take this path.

There might be many questions on your mind on how to be an occupational therapist. Many people recognize the importance of time. Indeed, time is of the essence. If you are wondering how long it takes to get a degree on occupational therapy, then you came to the right place. The answer to that greatly depends on where you are today, academically.

In general, there are two degrees that you can choose from when you consider to be an occupational therapist, which is the associate’s degree and the bachelor’s degree. For people who want an associate degree, they must earn credits of 60 to 64. This equates to 2 years of learning. Of course, this time frame may vary depending upon the institution providing the degree. Some associate’s program may require a student to have developmental course work related to basic skills testing, thus making the program longer.

On the other hand, a bachelor’s degree would usually take around 4 years of learning. The degree requires 124-128 college credits. This might be significantly shortened if you already have a previous non-related degree. There is a new popular trend for people who want to have a second degree and this is the accelerated occupational therapy program. It will consider the credits that you already earned from your previous course so that you do not have to take them again.

The accelerated occupational therapy program is a fast-tracked and condensed version of the original curriculum. The student is required to be fully committed with the program and he or she must just concentrate on studying. This program could be physically, socially, and mentally demanding. This is the main reason that people who engage in the accelerated program are advised to give up their current job for the meantime to get the most of the program.

This is just an overview of what to expect on getting an occupational therapy degree. Though different colleges may vary on how long they require a student to undergo the academic learning. Such institutions have the same core-subjects and training.

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