How Does Occupational Therapy Fit In With Other Healthcare

It is a known fact that occupational therapy is a very important part of the healthcare industry. It is not a one-sided medical field. For instance, oncology is focused on treating cancer alone but occupational therapy is about treating patients with psychological, physical and emotional disorders. This means that occupational therapy works with other healthcare fields in order to help a patient get better.

How does occupational therapy fit in with other healthcare fields? Occupational therapy does not operate alone. Often, his or her patient is a patient of another physician as well. For example, a patient with mental disorders works with a psychiatrist, psychologist and occupational therapist all together. Another good example is elders whose bodies are very fragile. These patients seek the help of physical and occupational therapists. This is an important intermediary role that occupational therapy plays in the healthcare industry is very important.


 Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a healthcare profession that focuses on a patient’s skill of daily living. Occupational therapists help patients gain independence through therapeutic use of daily activities and tasks. The aim of occupational therapy is to enhance a patient’s occupational performance as well as his or her functional skills. This improvement will lead to a more confident and fulfilled individual. Occupational therapy is an integral part of the healthcare industry because of its assistance in helping patients get healthy.


 Occupational Therapists

The occupational therapist is the healthcare professional that administers occupational therapy to patients. Here are the things that an occupational therapist does:

  • Occupational Therapy ServicesAn occupational therapy is responsible for assessing the emotional, functional, physical and developmental capabilities of a patient. After assessment, he or she is to plan therapeutic programs using recreational, social, educational and vocational activities.
  • The occupational therapist is the one who will select activities to promote independence in movements. Such activities should assist a person in engaging in daily activities and let the patients learn how to do things alone.
  • The occupational therapist should also be able to design the working environment so that the patient can easily apply what he or she has learned at home.
  • The occupational therapist educated patients and their families about the specialized equipment that can be used at home to help the patient in performing daily tasks.
  • Occupational therapists continuously monitor the patient’s progress.

Occupational therapy is a healthcare field that provides a holistic treatment approach in treating disorders and disabilities. The presence of occupational therapy helps other healthcare fields in proving the best healthcare services for patients who are in need of treatment.

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