How An Occupational Therapist Could Help You

Occupational therapists are professionals educated and trained to help people overcome different kinds of conditions and also to let them live their lives independently and productively.  The people who may be in need of the help from occupational therapists are those suffering from conditions caused by illnesses, injuries, developmental delays, mental health problems as well as those due to aging. What this means is that occupational therapists can be valuable and helpful for people of all ages and abilities.

Phases of Treatment

Evaluation – an occupational therapist first assesses a person’s abilities in relation o their performance in school, at work, at home, and the general lifestyles they have.

Consultation – after the evaluation of a patient, an Occupational Therapist may need to consult the person involved, other medical professionals as well as the members of the family especially during the treatment or therapy program.

Treatment – this stage could be done in a hospital ward, clinic, private facility as well as the person’s school, workplace or home. Wherever the treatment is conducted, the goal is still to enhance the skills of the person.

OT for Kids

Occupational therapy stimulates the normal development as well as the learning abilities of children with certain physical, learning or developmental abilities. Occupational therapists work with children, their teachers and parents to improve the quality of life of the child. This can be done by enabling the kids to participate in various activities in school and at home.

OT for Adolescents

The adolescent stage is one of the most crucial and sensitive stages in a person’s life as well as their families. An occupational therapist would assist in the adolescent’s personal growth, which would eventually lead to his or her development of self esteem along with communications and social skills.

OT for Adults and the Elderly

An elderly person who is affected by a physical injury or a certain illness would definitely need the help of an Occupational Therapist. These therapists will teach an adult or elderly to develop new skills that they can use to perform various house chores, personal care routines as well as to participate in different leisure activities. An Occupational Therapist may also propose some significant and essential changes to the home or work environment to make the life safer and easier.

OT in Mental Health

People who are having emotional and psychological disorders would also benefit from the expertise of occupational therapists. They have the skills to develop ways to help a person deal with certain psychological conditions. These therapists may have to work alongside other professionals like psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors as well as social workers.

There are just so many different settings where an occupational therapist may work in, all of which are aimed to assist people in overcoming their limitations due to illnesses or incapacities. The main goal of for these people to be able to live their lives normally again as well as to enable them to cope with the complications and difficulties caused by the unique health, physical or mental conditions they may be in.

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