Health And Wellness Practice Area For OT

The healthcare industry’s main objective is to provide quality healthcare to individuals. The field of occupational therapy works hard to achieve this objective. Its importance has grown leaps and bounds compared to the past decades. Occupational therapy is now tackling emerging areas, which greatly concerns the society today. One of which is the health and wellness practice area.

Individuals should be able to achieve health and wellness despite their busy lifestyles. Occupational therapists are taking on the role to help people with chronic disease management, obesity and prevention of diseases and sickness. In today’s competitive world, your health is your biggest asset. The healthcare industry recognizes this, which is why focusing on this practice area for occupational therapists is done.

  • Chronic Disease Management-Are you aware that 66% of the U.S. national budget is assigned to Americans suffering from chronic conditions? With the aging population increasing, the affected individuals will surely rise more. But in order to lower down the costs in treating these people, the focus should be on managing chronic diseases.

Helping occupational therapists achieve this goal, the government has passed a healthcare reform legislation to assist states in funding for the prevention of illness and promotion of health. Occupational therapists help because OT is all about promoting life and living it to the fullest.

  • Obesity- In the past 20 years, the U.S. citizens has suffered from obesity like never before. 1 out of 5 American citizens is obese and this is probably due to the unhealthy and poor diet. We can also blame this to the current lifestyle many of us have. Obesity leads to many health complications like high blood pressure. It is essential for occupational therapists to do something about the problem of obesity among children and adults.

Occupational therapists are taking action by educating clients about increased physical activity and its benefits to the body. The increased awareness of the dangers of obesity will help in promoting good health.

  • Prevention- The legislation called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is mandating insurance companies to cover any preventative services in the prevention of illness and diseases. In line with this, the U.S. government is establishing advisory groups for the promotion of health and the prevention of sickness. Included in these advisory groups is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Occupational therapists are highly needed to achieve this goal of preventing diseases and illness. Occupational therapists have an obligation to educate clients and patients about it.

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