Do Occupational Therapists Work With Doctors in Hospitals?

Occupational therapists are known to help patients with gaining independence and undergoing rehabilitation. Rehabilitation may be due to a drug addiction, injury or heart stroke. Occupational therapy uses different types of therapy or a combination of them. Occupational therapy works alongside other healthcare fields in order to achieve overall health and wellness of the patients.

Occupational therapists work alone during their therapy sessions but they also work with doctors in hospitals. This will greatly depend on the situation or condition of the patient. Usually, occupational therapy is an allied healthcare service that provides assistance to patients so they can recover and get better. To put it simpler, occupational therapy is a helping hand to the major medical fields in the healthcare industry.

Patients who need physical rehabilitation will work with physical and occupational therapists at the same time. These patients also have to work with doctors that will diagnose their injury first. If the injury is at the back, a doctor specializing in the spine will be the first physician to be consulted. After a diagnosis is made, that is when the physician will recommend the patient to seek physical and occupational therapy. Patients who are injured or are physically handicapped need to cope with daily living. While physical therapy will help in rehabilitating the physical aspect of the injury, occupational therapy will focus on the functions of that injured area.

Occupational Therapists Work With Doctors Occupational therapy also treats mentally ill patients. Psychiatrists are the medical professionals who focus on mental illness and disorders. They are the ones who will make a diagnosis of the patient and will recommend occupational therapy if needed. Mentally ill patients or depressed patients can be helped with occupational therapy. It is because various occupational therapy activities help in the emotional and mental well-being of patients. When the emotions can be controlled, the mind can function better. In this case, the psychiatrist and occupational therapist coordinates with one another.

Occupational therapists do not work alone. Doctors and occupational therapists work together to rehabilitate patients. As a result of this combined effort, patients get the best treatment and healthcare service possible. The patient will be given the right medication and therapy program to achieve the best rehabilitative results. The primary goal of all healthcare professionals is to help patients become healthy which in turn will make patients become happier and more confident about themselves. The joining forces of doctors and occupational therapists will definitely make a lot of differences in the lives of many individuals.

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