Which Occupational Therapy School Should You Choose?

You are someone who has his eye on becoming an occupational therapist but you still have to decide what occupational therapy school you will apply. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an occupational therapy school. This is a huge decision because this institution will train you to become a professional occupational therapist. You can choose to study in a local college or study online depending on your preferences. Tuition, living costs, location, part-time/full-time programs are some of the factors that go into choosing an occupational therapy school.


How To Choose Your Occupational Therapy School?

  • Determine if you will be able to pass or submit all the requirements needed. Top-ranked schools have stricter admission requirements because the admissions are very competitive. You will be expected to have a 3.3 GPA or higher. The occupational therapy school will expect that you have already completed hours of volunteer work or clinical experience. Recommendation letters from science teachers and occupational therapists may be required too. Although getting into the best occupational therapy schools is the first option, if you cannot submit all these requirements, you should look for another accredited occupational therapy school with less strict requirements.
  •  Choosing Your Occupational Therapy SchoolThe occupational therapy school you should choose must be accredited. The school should be accredited by the Accreditation Council For Occupational Therapy Education.
  • You can go online to check the features of different occupational therapy schools. Do they offer financial assistance programs like scholarships and loans? Students who are worried about the tuition fee can seek financial assistance through the school’s financial assistance programs. How about the staff, what are their credentials? You can also do some research on the graduates of the school. How many graduates are there each year? Do all of the graduates pass the national certification exam in one try?
  • In choosing an occupational therapy school, you must review its curriculum closely. Each school will have a different approach to teaching, which is why you should find one that suits you. Does the school have a balanced classroom and clinical coursework? For work training, will the school offer internship and work-study opportunities?
  • The basic course outline should include subjects namely Anatomy, Chemistry, Biology and Life Science. After these pre-requisite subjects, students should move on to focusing on occupational therapy concepts and skills. In the last semester, students should complete a minimum of 24 weeks doing supervised clinic work.


Choosing an occupational therapy school is an important move in your career. In order to be prepared for a career as an occupational therapist, you should be properly educated and trained.

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