Top Occupational Therapy Schools In The US

One of the most ideal industries to work for today is the healthcare and medical industry because despite the condition of the economy and the whole country, services from this industry is still in demand by millions of people who need healthcare and medical attention. One of the most rewarding and high-paying healthcare professions today is occupational therapy. Just like physical therapy, occupational therapy job employment opportunities is expected to grow more than 20% in the coming years due to increasing population, growing aging baby boomers, and advancements in health and technology.

If you are aspiring to become an occupational therapist, one of the most important factors you need to think about is the school or university that can provide the right education and training you need. Finding the right school can be tricky especially with so many schools and universities offering the same degree programs and courses. The first step in determining the right school is the accreditation since accreditation would mean the school complied with the standards and passed the evaluations imposed by the accrediting bodies in the country or state.

To help you with your school-search, here are some of the top schools that offer accredited occupational therapy education programs from certificate programs, undergraduate and graduate occupational therapy degree programs.

  • Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences – Boston University
  • Washington University – St. Louis, Missouri

Occupational Therapy Schools In The USAmong the 152 accredited occupational therapy schools in the US, the schools mentioned above tied on the first spot. This is based on the US News and World Report, which is an organization that ranks occupational therapy schools based on track record, opinions from academic experts, opinion of the school’s faculty, and students’ performances. US News evaluated each school and interviewed reliable professionals on the field of occupational therapy and academics like program directors, deans, occupational therapists, and senior faculty members.

Other Occupational Therapists That Were Included On The Top List Are:

  • Boston School of Occupational Therapy – Tufts University
  • The University of Southern California
  • University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
  • The University of Illinois
  • The University of Kansas

If you want to obtain the best foundation for your education, then considering these reputable schools for your occupational therapy education will be a good decision. However, students should only consider the top list as a guide and not a compulsory decision since there are other many accredited occupational therapy schools that can also provide the right education and training for aspiring occupation therapists.

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