Occupational Therapy School: What Is The Admission Process?

For one to become an occupational therapist, he or she should go through occupational therapy school first. No one can become an occupational therapist without earning a master’s or doctorate degree from an accredited occupational therapy school. Aside from getting through occupational therapy school and earning your degree, the first thing you have to worry about is getting into the occupational therapy school.

Occupational Therapy School Admissions Requirements

 GPA Or GRE Score

Every occupational therapy school has its own admission requirements so expect some variation when you try to apply in a master’s or doctorate degree program. Applying in high-ranked occupational therapy schools will definitely be more difficult compared to the less prestigious. There are less popular occupational schools that are accredited too. However, if you prefer learning from the top-ranked schools, make sure that you have a high GPA and GRE score. A minimum of 3.3 GPA is the benchmark for a successful admission. Know that 40% of the admission requirements are based on the GPA and GRE scores alone.

The GRE is a computerized exam that tests you on math, reasoning, reading and comprehension. It can be taken in any testing center and the results of the exam will be forwarded to the occupational therapy school. Not all occupational therapy schools will require this score so it will be best to talk to the school about its admission requirements first.

Volunteer Work

Occupational Therapy School Admissions RequirementsOther requirement for admission into an occupational therapy school requires at least 12 hours of volunteer work in 3 different occupational therapy work setting. The number of hours required can vary by occupational therapy school but still, you must spend time doing volunteer work before you apply. You can work in acute care hospitals, community mental health centers, outpatient clinics or schools. You should work with an occupational therapist or an occupational therapist assistant. Make sure that you document your volunteer work with the forms provided by the occupational therapy school.

Undergraduate Major

Undergraduate majors should be biology, anatomy, sociology, psychology or one of the liberal arts. It will be helpful to take courses in biology, chemistry, physical health and social science in high school. But if you have just recently decided on this career path, pick the right undergraduate major to prepare you for an occupational therapy degree. Bear in mind that you volunteer work during your undergraduate study will be helpful in your application.

If you have some occupational therapy schools in mind already, research their admission requirements so you can prepare for it early. You can start preparing for it while you are still completing your undergrad major. Early preparation is key to a successful application to an occupational therapy school.

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