How To Get An Occupational Therapy Assistant Certification

Being an occupational therapist is a rewarding profession as you get to help people every day. People who enjoy helping others and providing assistance will have fun as an occupational therapy assistant. Occupational therapy assistants work with occupational therapists to help the physically, mentally and developmentally challenged people. Occupational therapy aims to enhance skills and promote independence so these people can improve their quality of life. If you want to become a certified occupational therapy assistant, you will need proper schooling.

Do you want to know how to get your occupational therapy assistant certification? There are two ways for you to do this. The first one is to get an associate degree in occupational therapy and the other way is to finish a 1-year certificate program from an accredited school. The courses you need to take will include gerontology, psychology, anatomy, and rehabilitation. Aside from the classroom courses, you will need to complete clinical and fieldwork training. Fieldwork training involves working with the community, in the hospital or clinic. It will greatly depend on the degree program you are enrolled in.

After the certification courses, like field training and schooling it is time to search for a job in the field of occupational therapy. As an occupational therapist assistant, you can apply directly to clinics, residential care homes, nursing homes, hospitals, private OT clinics and other health care facilities. Aside from the formal education and training, an occupational therapy assistant should have personality traits like compassion, empathy and patience. These are all very important traits when dealing with distraught patients. The role of an assistant can be very demanding and you should be patient enough to deal with it.

Certified occupational therapist assistants work with occupational therapists as assistants. They are called upon to assist a patient through the treatment plan and recovery program. Even if the occupational therapist is not around, he should be able to assist the patient with what he or she needs. The occupational therapy assistant will help patients stretch, strengthen muscles and keep track of the improvements. They always act under the instruction of an occupational therapist.

In order to be a certified occupational therapy assistant, start with your schooling first and complete all the necessary requirements to earn the certificate or associate degree. Your education will be huge plus in finding a job and excelling in your career. There is a high demand for occupational therapy assistants today so find a certificate course near you.

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