How To Apply In An Occupational Therapy School

Your application to an occupational therapy school will be incremental in your career. This is the time where you will be formally educated and trained about occupational therapy and you should not settle for any occupational therapy school out there. The best occupational therapy schools have a competitive admission process. Plenty of students want to get in but not all are given the privilege to. To make sure that you are accepted in occupational therapy school, here are some tips that can help:

  • Before making an application, ask yourself if this is the career for you. Do you know what to expect with a career as an occupational therapist? Indeed, a career in occupational therapy is rewarding but it is not everyone. You have to have genuine passion to treat people and do whatever it takes to help them. If you have done some soul-searching, you can start looking for occupational therapy schools.
  • Applying In An Occupational Therapy SchoolMake a list of the occupational therapy schools you are interested in and contact them as soon as possible. When you get in touch with the school, ask about the specific admission requirements. Keep in mind that every school will require different things. If you can visit the school and talk to someone in the admission department, that will be better.
  • Now that you know the requirements, prepare them thoroughly. Get your high school and college transcripts if needed. Take the GRE exam if the score is required. Get your documents from when you did some volunteer work during your undergrad days. In addition, you should also prepare character references and recommendation letters from important people in your career such as teacher, a boss or a healthcare professional you have worked with.
  • By now, you should be preparing your admission essay already if it is required. Most importantly, you have to prepare for the admissions interview. It will help to read some professional journal articles or essays online just to give you some information of occupational therapy today. Your knowledge must be current.
  • Planning to enter an occupational therapy school will need time. How long? It will be good if you get a 1-year head start before the application deadline. This way, you have plenty of time to get your requirements together, write your essay and be involved in volunteer work. Your thorough preparation will reflect in your application.

These tips on applying in an occupational therapy school will be very helpful in compiling everything you need. Aside from this, do not forget to work on your personal traits like patience, being responsible and willingness to learn. Occupational therapy schools look into the non-academic aspects of applicants too.

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