Simple Tips To Reduce Occupational Therapy Education Cost

The cost of education varies due to various factors like the school, their reputation, and geographical location. This is also quite the same with occupational therapy education. Tuition in a prestigious school tends to be higher than the tuition fee imposed in less recognized and popular occupational therapy schools. However, occupational therapy programs offered by schools follow specific academic standards set by the regulating and monitoring agencies in order to ensure that all occupational therapy programs provide the right quality education for the students. This means that enrolling in a less popular occupational therapy school should not be a big problem when getting the right education.

Public Universities And Community Colleges

Enrolling in a less expensive occupational therapy school can be considered as the first step in reducing your education cost. This is definitely helpful for those students who want to finish their degree in occupational therapy but cannot afford the tuition in very expensive and prestigious universities in the country. Since all occupational therapy programs, offline and online, follow standards and regulations set by the accrediting and regulating bodies, students can be assured that the education provided are not that different from private schools and prestigious universities to the local community colleges and public universities.

Transferable Units

Occupational Therapy Education CostAnother great way to reduce the cost of your occupational therapy education is to start with an associate degree in a community college to earn a degree sooner then proceed to a 4-year degree program in a university. However, this option requires careful planning especially when choosing the courses and subjects. You need to make sure that the associate degree and the coursework is prerequisite to the main 4-year degree program you want to take so you can transfer the units and get credits from your previous schooling. With a degree, you can already apply for occupational therapy aide jobs while also finishing your 4-year occupational degree program. Aside from earning your own income to support your education, you can also earn sufficient work experience early on, which is a great advantage in finding a job after graduating and earning your license.


It always pays to study well. Although this sounds cliché already, studying hard during your high school and earning high grades can definitely put a great advantage in terms of earning admission in various universities as well as qualifying for scholarships. A lot of occupational therapy schools offer scholarship grants to deserving students who cannot fully support their education financially so make sure to check schools with scholarship grants and apply for them all to increase your chances of getting a scholarship.

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