Occupational Therapy Master’s Degree: Inside The Degree Program

Do you want to be an occupational therapist? The first step is to get an occupational therapy degree. It may sound easy but you need to be prepared for this journey. It will be tough work and you should be ready. You will invest a lot of time and money into earning your occupational therapy degree but at the end, your investment will yield you a lifetime of returns.

A master’s degree in occupational therapy is a requirement to be a licensed occupational therapist. But before you can apply for a master’s degree program, you have to earn your bachelor’s degree first. You can major in anatomy, sociology, physiology or any major related to occupational therapy. It is important to keep your grades high during your undergraduate study because applying for an occupational therapy degree program is competitive.

There are two ways to earn your master’s in occupational therapy degree. There are schools that will offer a 4+2 or 4+1 program for current students. What does this mean exactly? These programs help you in transitioning to a master’s degree easily. Right after earning your undergraduate degree, you can immediately start your master’s studies already. Through these programs, you can become a licensed occupational therapist in just 5-6 years.

Before you can apply for the master’s degree program, there is prerequisite coursework that should be completed. You must take note of these subjects to make sure you have completed them before applying for the master’s program. Otherwise, delays might be inevitable in your studies. The prerequisite subjects are statistics, general physics, social sciences, general biology, calculus, organic chemistry, general psychology, human anatomy, and physiology. Again, getting high marks on the subject will increase your chances of getting in a master’s degree program.

The master’s degree program for occupational therapy will start by focusing on classroom work and lecture. This will take a whole year or more if you are studying in a 2-year program. Academic coursework is necessary. After that, you will have to take part in a supervised clinical hands-on training program because this is a requirement to obtain your license. More time will be given to practical coursework than academic coursework when you are nearing the end of the degree program.

Occupational therapy schools are very particular with students they accept in the master’s degree program. If you want to get in the best occupational therapy schools, you should get high grades especially in the science-related subjects.

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