Occupational Therapy Degree: Degree Options For A Successful Career In OT

A career in occupational therapy will not be possible if you do not have a degree. Luckily for prospective occupational therapy students, OT education is easily available today. They can apply in online occupational therapy schools, in local colleges and universities. The high availability of OT education is to encourage people to choose occupational therapy as a career because of the current shortage of OT professionals.

Occupational therapists have a huge role in society today because they can treat patients with disabilities. As people grow old and more susceptible to sickness, the services of an occupational therapist are needed. What are the available degree options for aspiring occupational therapists?

  • Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree will enable a student to start a career in occupational therapy in just 4 years of study. He or she can major in physics, biology, psychology, anatomy and other related fields in occupational therapy. Earning a bachelor’s degree provides training for students to enter the field as an occupational therapist aide or assistant. They can enter the workforce already and start gaining work experience. But of course, a bachelor’s degree is not enough to become an occupational therapist.

  • Master’s Degree

A master’s degree in occupational therapy is a requirement to become an occupational therapist. One must graduate from an accredited master’s program and get his license to become a fully practicing and licensed OT. After earning a bachelor’s degree, another 2 years of study is needed. Coursework will include studies about rehabilitation, social sciences, anatomy, statistics and chemistry. When you hold a master’s degree, you can pursue work in hospitals, nursing care facilities, physicians’ offices, rehabilitation centers and many more.

  • Doctorate Degree

This is the highest degree in occupational therapy that you can get. It will take 4 years of study and you will have to make your own dissertation. Occupational therapists who hold this degree can apply for managerial jobs, teaching jobs or researchers. A doctorate degree is what will take your career to great heights and this is your ticket to applying for the best OT jobs and earn the highest salaries. Not many occupational therapists choose to pursue a doctorate degree but those who do are highly rewarded.

But, how about you? How far will you go for your career in occupational therapy? Bear in mind that the higher your degree is, the more success you will gain. The more hard work you put in, the greater the rewards will be.

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