Finding The Right Occupational Therapy Programs

Numerous factors should be considered properly when choosing what occupational therapy degree program to pursue and in what occupational therapy to enroll in. Some of the common factors people usually think about are cost, location, curriculum, and online programs. A lot of students today are now enrolled in online programs because of the various advantages of online education programs in terms of flexibility of schedules and cost. However, if you prefer to stick to the traditional schooling to earn your occupational therapy degree, then consider these simple advises to find the right occupational therapy degree and school.

Accreditation In The National And State Level

There are more than 150 universities and schools in the US that offer accredited occupational therapy degree programs. However, in order to qualify for the national licensing and certification requirements, you should enroll in a program and school accredited by the ACOTE or the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education. Accreditation is not only essential in terms of licensing but this will also ensure you that you are getting the right education needed for your profession later on.

Career Goals

Right Occupational Therapy ProgramsYour career goals will have direct impact on the educational path you choose since the type of degree you earn will also affect the type of occupation therapy jobs you can qualify. Since most employers and institutions today require a minimum of master’s degree in occupational therapy, aspiring OT must earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in order to become a fully licensed and certified occupational therapist. However, because of the very long years of study needed to become a licensed OT, some students prefer to become an occupational therapy assistant or occupational therapy aide, which requires shorter investment in education. To become an occupation therapy assistant, an undergraduate degree in occupational therapy is enough while a 3-year associate degree will help a person qualify for occupational therapy aide jobs.


There are many factors included in education cost such as tuition fee, transportation, food, housing, books, allowance and many more. Enrolling in a reputable and prestigious school can be a good option especially if you have the budget and high grade point average or GPA. However, admission to top occupational therapy schools can be really competitive plus tuition fees also tend to be very high. Enrolling in a local or public university is not a bad choice as long as you check the accreditation and the curriculum they offer, if it matches your needs. Aside from being more accessible, tuition fees in these schools are also more affordable.

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