What Are The General Authorization Requirements For An Occupational Therapy Assistant In New York?

Anyone would love to work in New York and if you are aiming for a career as an occupational therapy assistant then you need to know a few things. Working in New York City in the field of occupational therapy has a few requirements that are a must for any healthcare worker.

Unlike licensed occupational therapist, an OT Assistant needs only an authorization to work in the city. The New York City states that one should be of good moral character, be at least 18 years of age, and meet education and examination requirements.


How To Get Your Authorization

First, you need to obtain an authorization form. In the form, you will see an address. This is where you need to send the completed application form together with a fee amounting to $147. However, you need to know that fees are subject to changes. It is better to double-check everything before sending payment. If in any case, that rates were increased and you have already sent the appropriate payment then you will be billed for unpaid balance of the application fee.

Never send cash, instead send payment in check or money order payable to the New York State Education Department. In any case, a person applying for authorization is sending payments from outside United States then it should be in the form of a check or draft on a United States bank and in US currency. This is a must and any payments made in other forms will not be accepted


Education Requirement For Authorization As An Occupational Therapy Assistant

  • Education Requirement For Authorization An aspiring OTA must have completed an Accredited Occupational Therapy Assistant (AOTA) Program , which is 2-year associate degree program.
  • If you have completed a non-AOTA (Accredited Occupational Therapy Assistant) Program then you must at least have finished a post-secondary program in occupational therapy. It should be a 2-year occupational therapy program approved by the New York State Education Department.

Upon completion of such requirements, you can confidently apply for an authorization as an eligible occupational therapy assistant in New York. For career advancement, you can also opt to be a licensed occupational therapist. However, you will need to continue your education. A master’s degree can be easily attained through various accredited occupational therapy programs. There are even online occupational therapy programs. In this way, you can continue working as an OTA and also study to be a licensed occupational therapist.

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