Top Earning Occupational Therapy Careers

Occupational therapy has been observed as a highly satisfying profession in terms of the work involved as well as the salary received.  Many occupational therapists are living a life that is both comfortable and contented because they are able to help various patients and they are paid well.  Though becoming an occupational therapist may need to acquire a master’s degree as well as obtain a license, there is still some room for improvement.  Those occupational therapists that are looking for ways to expand their knowledge, gain further education through certification programs and doctorate degrees.  Through the added educational credentials, the occupational therapist can expect better job opportunities and widen their expectancy of working in this field.

The salary of the occupational therapist may also be relevant to the company that hired their service.  Occupational therapists working for social advocacy organizations have the highest pay with average income at $82,710.  The occupational therapists that are getting paid the second highest are those in the amusement and recreation industry, which can average annually at $82,650.  In home healthcare services, the annual average income is at $79,300 while vocational rehabilitation services offer $76,980.  The employment services offer the lowest earning with average annual salary at $74,720.

Those with higher education especially certifications can expect to land specialized occupational therapy jobs.  These are the top earning careers in the occupational therapy field.  An occupational therapist can get certifications such as CHR or Certified Hand Therapist, CPR or Certified Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, COT or Certified Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapist Registered.  With these certifications, the occupational therapy can opt to have a private practice or put up an own business on offering occupational therapy services.  With a home-based business, the occupational therapist expects to have higher earning potential than being employed.  Some usually choose to have their own practice because of the flexibility in working and being able to have more time with the family.

Whatever your occupational therapy career may be, this job is mainly on guiding patients to live their lives to their fullest capabilities.  It is the main responsibility of the occupational therapists to make the patients to overcome obstacles. OTs also needs to guide their patients to be able to become individuals that can live above their circumstances.  Even with the non-normal situation, life can be as normal as possible because of the expertise of the therapist.  You can be successful in being an occupational therapist if you believe that you can thrive in this career.  It is not just being able to receive a handsome salary but the passion to serve those who mostly need the help.

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