Tips In Landing The Best Occupational Therapy Jobs

A lot of surveys ranked occupational therapy as one of the best jobs in 2010 and 2011. Although a lot of good reviews and comments were already said about this profession, still, a lot of experts projected a shortage of occupational therapists in the coming years due to the vast increase of population and the increasing population of elderly people. Another driving force that makes occupational therapists very in demand is the fast improvements in health and medical technologies.

Although graduates and future occupational therapists will not find it hard to look for a good occupational therapy job or position, landing that dream job would still require proper preparations. The job search will be time-consuming at first but if you are determined to find that one job you really want, then nothing is impossible especially if you are equipped with the required knowledge and skills.

Building A Network While In College

The common tip is usually ignored by most students is building a network related to their profession while still in college. A lot of occupational therapy organizations and related bodies are usually available in universities and colleges. Joining these groups will help a lot in finding employment later on since the graduates from these organizations will most probably be the people you will also meet within the industry. Knowing more people from your future circle will help build your reference for employment in the future.

Nailing The Job Interview

Best Occupational Therapy JobsInterview is one of the most important components for employers when assessing applicants and prospective employees. It may sound cliché but when it comes to interview, it is important to be confident, just be yourself and answer truthfully. It is normal to be nervous but make sure that you can still answer truthfully and clearly by running some common questions in your head that interviewers usually ask like:

  • Talk about yourself.
  • Why you took occupational therapy?
  • Your strengths and weaknesses, of course, related to your chosen field.
  • Why the company should hire you?

If you have dropped some classes while in college or failed a particular subject and asked about it, do not sound so defensive. Answer the question honestly as possible.


Preparing a well-written resume is also one of the most essential tools you should prepare to land that dream occupational therapy job. If you are not confident in writing your own resume, you can ask help from an expert or do some research online to get samples of the best occupational therapy resume format.

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