Tips In Finding A Job As An Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational therapy assistant is a medical health profession that primarily assists a licensed occupational therapist. Its role is to provide treatments that will improve the physical, physiological, emotional and mental development of an individual. However, each treatment provided must be under the supervision of a registered and licensed occupational therapist.

Finding a job as an occupational therapy assistant is not that difficult since the growth rate in adult care is increasing. Nevertheless, you need to know some pointers on how to get that job.

Some Tips For You On How To Get A Job

  • Educational Background

You need to prove that you graduated from an accredited college or school by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education. An internship must also be completed for about sixteen weeks. It usually takes two years for the whole course to finish. After graduating from a reliable school, you must pass the licensure examination set by the State where you want to practice the profession.

  • Training and Certification

Training is an important aspect in getting job. Training improves the performance and increases expertise on different treatments and approaches. It is wise that you volunteer in any medical care facility or nursing care facility. This will enhance your learning abilities and perception on what your job will be in a real scenario. Each occupational assistant is required to attend training, seminars and education credits especially during renewal of license. Training also enhances the skills and knowledge of an individual.

  • Personality and Traits

To be a successful occupational therapy assistant, you must have the patience and determination. People with disabilities have mood swings or behavioral changes, especially children. You must learn how to communicate with them as well as to motivate them to do the exercises and activities needed to be done. You must also be sincere in what you do. One way to be working harmoniously with patients is to learn how to manage and handle each patient. Remember, you are looking for ways and techniques on how to help these individuals to perform simple yet essentials tasks in their everyday lives.

Being an occupational therapy assistant needs persistence, serenity and patience. You must learn to communicate well with your patients. You must also have the competence and skills to assist your patients in doing the tasks assigned to them. Bear in mind that most of your patients have restricted comprehension, cognitive and learning capabilities.

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