The Role of Occupational Therapists in Various Work Settings

The health and medical industry can be considered as one of the most essential fields because a lot of people rely in medical and health care just to survive certain illnesses and health problems. When it comes to treatments for diseases, most people nowadays prefer natural treatments like therapies because it is non-invasive, safe and usually, more affordable than medications and surgical options. Mental disorder is a common problem affecting millions of people around the world and one of the therapies that can effectively cure some specific mental disorder is occupational therapy.

Occupational therapists are health care professionals who provide care and treatments to patients suffering from mental, emotional, physical and social dysfunctions. Because of the broad scope of their knowledge and expertise, they can work in numerous work settings and can provide health care from various industries and age groups. They can provide health care to the elders suffering from various mental disorders due to aging, and they can also handle children suffering from social and physical dysfunctions due to mental disorders.

One of the most common work settings where occupational therapists work for are in academic and educational institutions. They usually work in schools, colleges and universities providing therapy and counseling to children and students suffering from emotional and mental disorders, which affect their abilities to interact and perform basic tasks in school. They also provide care in order to prevent mental problems especially to children who are highly at risk from these health disorders.

Occupational therapists also work in general work settings like health institutions, hospitals, clinics and their own offices providing consultations, therapy and treatments to patients and clients in various ages. They can provide care and services to people suffering from injuries leading to disabilities. They can also work in mental health institutions who directly handle patients with mental illnesses. They are the ones who formulate treatment plans and therapy not only to cure mental illnesses but also to prevent them.

Some occupational therapists may also specialize in geriatric care especially nowadays where some countries experience a significant increase in the population of the elderly people. With the growing population of aging baby boomers especially in countries like United States and United Kingdom, more health care professionals will be needed to care for these elderly people. Occupational therapists can help the elderly in order for them to age productively and delay common mental problems affecting old people like dementia, Alzheimer’s and depression.

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