The Different Career Paths of An Occupational Therapist Part 2

As an occupational therapist, you are free to spread your wings to explore a variety of career options for you. Occupational therapists have the advantage of working in different healthcare settings, which really adds to their experience. Aside from working in a rehabilitation center, private practice and hospice care, you will be glad to know that you have plenty more options waiting for you.

Working In Home Health Care

Home Health Care Occupational Therapy Home health care occupational therapy is becoming a strong area of job growth because of the aging baby boomer population. Occupational therapists provide treatment at home of the patient. They perform techniques that will help restore the functions of the aging body. However, patients who can receive occupational therapy at home should not have severe impairments, as treatment at home is just limited. Moreover, working with patients at home adds to the understanding of the occupational therapist about the daily environment and family members of the patient. Also, since the home is a less formal environment, patients are more relaxed and cooperative. The salary for in-home occupational therapists ranges from $67,000 to $79,000.

Working In Nursing Homes

There are plenty of occupational therapists working with elderly patients. This is because many elderly are more prone to physical injury, mental, emotional and psychological instability. The work of an occupational therapist proves to be very helpful to them. Working in nursing homes and adult daycare facilities help the elderly to live independent, productive and active lives despite their ages. Working in nursing homes with elderly patients is found to be very successful. Treatment goals are reached a bit faster according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Occupational therapists work with patients having trouble walking or performing basic activities like grooming and feeding. They also teach elderly the proper use of equipment like wheelchairs and walkers. The salary of an occupational therapist in nursing homes ranges from $62,700 and $80,200.

Working In School

Occupational therapists can choose to work with the younger generation like children in schools. School occupational therapists evaluate the abilities of children and recommend a suitable therapy. Occupational therapists will work closely with the child patients but will also consult with teachers and the administrative staff. In regards to the challenges, the child will face and how he or she can get through it. Children in need of special education are the ones who will benefit from occupational therapy the most. It can enhance their motor skills, listening skills, cognition and social ability. The average salary of school occupational therapists is around $61,000.


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