The Best Things About An Occupational Therapy Assistant Career

A career as an occupational therapy assistant will offer you a great number of benefits, rewards and other positive factors. From one person to the next, every individual may have a different reason for getting started down this path, or for why they love it as much as they do. With that said, here are some of the best things about being an OTA, and it’s what you can look forward to if you get started down this journey for yourself.

The first thing that many people cite when talking excitedly about being an occupational therapy assistant is the great work you get to do helping patients and clients. You’ll be hands on working with patients every day, and every day is a new chance to help somebody’s life in a very positive way. You’ll be making a difference, and getting to help people gain more independence and live more complete and full lives, and there’s no reward or positive aspect of the profession better than that.

OTAs also enjoy being a position where the field is expected to grow about 30% between 2008 and 2018. That means that there’s lots of jobs available, and it should be easy to not only find employment, but find the ideal position which works for you. Along with that, salaries for OTAs are very respectable, with the top 10 percent earning more than $65,000 annually according to a May 2008 survey.

Plus, the only school which is required is a two-year associate’s degree, and many programs have it set up so that you can finish the program in as little as 15 months. That means it’s quick and easy to enter the field, and begin seeing those great job opportunities and those nice salaries.

As an OTA, you’ll have plenty of room for advancement as well. Whether it’s staying as an OTA and gaining more responsibility and perhaps managerial or supervisorial duties, or it’s going back to school for a bridge program to become a full occupational therapist, it’s all up to you, and it’s all possible.

The work that you’ll be doing and the workplace itself for an OTA is going to be very exciting and dynamic. You’ll be working with different kinds of patients with different kinds of problems, and while challenging, this means that you’re work will never be stale or boring. From helping young children with developmental disabilities to helping senior citizens regain mobility after surgery or injury, or anything else, there’s no limit to who you’ll be working with and what you’ll be doing.

All of the above factors make for great reasons to become an occupational therapy assistant. It’s just the beginning too, and you’ll find a job where you both love your purpose and the dynamic day to day roles that you have. From helping people and improving their lives, to entering a workforce that’s in high demand and earns a nice salary, OTAs offer all of this and more, which is why today is the ideal time to get moving towards completing your education and joining this profession for yourself.

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  1. Occupational therapist assistant work under the guidance of therapist. Occupational therapist assistant provide specific treatment to help clients overcome difficulties they face because of their work.

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