The Best Things About An Occupational Therapist Career

If you have been considering the field of occupational therapy, then hopefully you already know that it is a career filled with many positives, benefits and advantages. Just like any career, different people will be drawn in for different reasons, but what are the best things about being an occupational therapist? Use the following list and information below to see for yourself just why occupational therapy has become such an intriguing possibility for so many students.

Right at the top of the list for reasons to become an occupational therapist is how rewarding the job is. Each and every day of your career you will be helping individuals and patients of all kinds to live a better life. That’s basically the whole goal and concept of the profession – to improve the lives of others, and help patients to be more capable, independent and fulfilled. They are lofty goals, but you’ll be helping people to reach them all throughout your career.

Plus, you’ll get to take people on that journey. You’ll have many patients that come through your doors in a near desperate condition in some way or another, and you’ll be able to guide them carefully, step-by-step, to great improvement and hopefully either complete recovery or adaptation or whatever else is required. It’s rewarding, you’ll feel great, and you’ll know that you’re making a difference.

On top of that is the fact that occupational therapy is a very quickly growing profession right now. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 26% growth in the field from 2008 through 2018, which means that there are going to be tons of jobs out there. It’s not a profession where you have to worry about going to school, graduating, and then not being able to use your new degree. You’ll be able to find a satisfying position, and right now is an ideal time to enter the field for the first time as a result.

Occupational therapists also command good salaries, which is always an important consideration when you choose your career. In May 2008, median annual wages for occupational therapists was $66,780. The middle 50 percent of the field earned between $55,000 and $81,000, and the top 10 percent of occupational therapists brought in a dazzling $98,310 annually.

Finally, consider that occupational therapists have a wide range of tasks and potential specializations. You don’t have to be boxed into a very narrow corner in this line of work. You can always be doing new things and working with new populations and people with different ailments or problems. Or you can finely hone your skills to become a top professional in treating one type of patient. It’s up to you, but the bottom line is that you have plentiful options.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of reasons why you should consider joining the field of occupational therapy. You get to make dramatic improvements in the lives of others, which is amazingly rewarding. You’ll also be entering a growing and dynamic profession, with great job prospects and high salaries, too, and that never hurts. If all of this sounds good to you, then it’s time you get moving on your journey towards becoming an occupational therapist today.


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    Great stuff, you hpeled me out so much!

  2. Occupational therapy focuses on helping kids to overcome their impairments and in leading a normal daily life. The activities are broken down and this makes the tasks easier and focusing on them, simpler.

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