School Based Positions And Salary For Occupational Therapist

Various positions await a licensed occupational therapist.  There are different work environments that these therapists can choose to practice their profession.  One of the options that an occupational therapist can provide their services is that in the school.  It is realized that with the help of the occupational therapists, the students that have learning disabilities are able to cope up with their condition and learn on their own capabilities.  The therapists teach the students skills that they need to learn in school, which they can use even after graduating from school.  The goal of the occupational therapy is allowing independence of the students in spite of their health limitations.

The direct interaction of the occupational therapist and the student is just one of the school-based positions that can be worked on.  An occupational therapist can also take part in the developing of an educational program for the students through participating in IEP or 504 meetings.  Through the individualized program that the occupational therapist sets up, the students can still gain knowledge and do practical things on their own.

Other than these, the occupational therapist has to evaluate each student and create specific therapy for them.  For those that have physical health conditions, exercises are provided to help them increase their dexterity as well as strength.  Cognitive activities are utilized for the students that have difficulty in understanding decision-making, abstract reasoning, perception and sequencing.  The occupational therapist can also help in obtaining equipment for those that have physical limitations including those with severe communication problems.

Another aspect that an occupational therapist can work on in a school-based practice is educating the parents of the students that need special attention.  However, it is not necessarily a responsibility of the occupational therapist but parents have to know the situation they are facing.  This is because the parents are the ones who will be taking care of their children with special needs and still push them to succeed.  Parents who are involved in the development of their children will allow them to acquire new skills faster with materials they are given and exercises they are taught.

Occupational therapists can expect to receive an annual salary of $ 60,000 when working in the school setting.  To land this kind of profession, a master’s degree has to be completed in any of the top universities that offer an accredited occupational therapy degree.  The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy exam has to be taken and passed in order to be certified and has the right to practice as an occupational therapy.

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