Occupational Therapy: Starting Your Own Career

Being an occupational therapist is one of the most fulfilling jobs to take since aside from earning great income, being a professional occupational therapist or OT is also a great way to help people with mental, physical and social disabilities. A lot of people nowadays prefer natural remedies and solutions when suffering from health problems because it is effective and safe for the body. Aside from occupational therapy careers, other natural health care professions that are now very in demand are physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, psychotherapy and naturopathy.

To start your career as an occupational therapist, you should plan your educational path ahead in order to obtain your goals properly without committing major mistakes like taking courses that are not relevant or prerequisite to your main degree. You should perform well in high school and then take the course in college that is prerequisite to becoming a licensed and certified occupational therapist. Some of the common courses that are related and prerequisite to occupational therapy programs are biology, sociology, psychology, anatomy, human development, anthropology, physics, and various human development and health-related subjects.

After finishing your undergraduate degree, you should then proceed to a post-graduate degree specifically in occupational therapy. Post-graduate education degrees in occupational therapy can range from four to five years of study depending on the curriculum offered by the school or university. After finishing the post-graduate education program, aspiring occupational therapist must now acquire the necessary license in order to be recognized as a professional licensed occupational therapist. Before taking any licensure exams, make sure to check the license requirements imposed in the specific state or country you want to be employed since countries and states have varying licensing requirements.

After fulfilling the license requirements, you can now start your career as an occupational therapist by accomplishing your residency program, which usually ranges from 1 to 2 years. This can be considered as additional training in order to prepare the occupational therapist for his or her private practice but residency programs are already paid jobs. This means that occupational therapists get to learn and train more, and earn sufficient experience while already earning income.

After finishing your residency program, you can apply as a licensed occupational therapist in various work settings like in hospitals, home cares, orthopedic centers, rehabilitation centers, health facilities, and even in various academic institutions. If you have the necessary experience and resources, you can also practice your profession as a private occupational therapist in your own clinic.

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