Occupational Therapy Licensing Requirements For States In Federal Region III

Occupational Therapy is a rising occupation today. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupational therapy is growing at 33% up until the year 2020, meaning another 36,400 occupational therapists will soon be hired.

But when you graduate from your occupational therapy program, there are many things to consider. This is because each state has its own occupational therapy regulating board and consequently, its own requirements.

States Included in The Standard Federal Region III:

  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Maryland
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia


NBCOT Passer: Yes!

Delaware honors reciprocity. All they will need is a letter of verification from the state you are licensed from and a verification of your score in the NBCOT. Additional requirements include your official college transcript and completion of fieldwork. As for temporary licenses, these only last for 3 months and you have to be under constant supervision under a licensed OT.

District of Columbia

Occupational Therapy Licensing Requirements NBCOT Passer: Yes!

The District of Columbia honors endorsement only. You have to take the NBCOT again if you have passed in another state. If you are applying for a temporary license, you can only practice under supervision. Take note that applicants have to have graduated from an accredited occupational therapy program by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE).


NBCOT Passer: Yes!

To be endorsed for a license in Maryland, the requirements for the state you are licensed in must be equal to or greater than the requirements in Maryland. A temporary license may be issued if you will be taking the NBCOT. In addition, your education must be accredited by the ACOTE.


NBCOT Passer: Yes!

If applying for a license in Pennsylvania, you may not take the test anymore if:

  • Evidence that your are licensed as an OT in another state which has equivalent requirements; or
  • Evidence that you passed the NBCOT and are certified by NBCOT as a registered OT.

You may also apply for a temporary license if you have not yet passed the exam. Moreover, your education must be approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Occupational Therapy and must have had completed 6 months of fieldwork.


NBCOT Passer: Yes!

Virginia, unfortunately, does not have any reciprocity or endorsement provisions. New graduates can practice though as an Occupational Therapy Licensed Applicant for up to a year or until receipt of the results for NBCOT.

West Virginia

NBCOT Passer: Yes!

If you have a license in another state, the West Virginia Board of Occupational Therapy can issue you a license to practice in their state. Also, you can apply for a temporary license if you are waiting to take the NBCOT. Both licenses are good for only 90 days.

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