Occupational Therapy Jobs With Promising Futures

With the baby boomer generation approaching old age, millions of elderly people especially in countries like United Kingdom and United States will need more health care professionals who are skilled and trained in providing care for the elderly people. The most common problems associated with aging are disability, limited mobility, and poor senses and body functions. These problems can be delayed and remedied through therapy treatments and programs and one of the most in demand health care professionals who can handle these kinds of cases are the occupational therapists.

Aside from old age, other problems that are significantly increasing and affecting many people around the world today are emotional, mental and social dysfunction. Even young kids nowadays suffer from emotional and behavioral dysfunctions affecting their abilities to function well. These kinds of health problems are the main focus of occupational therapy. That is why occupational therapists are now also becoming more and more in demand in various work settings from individuals needs, home care facilities, childcare centers and even in large health institutions like hospitals.

In 2008, the annual average income of occupational therapist in United States is $70,000. In 2010, the annual yearly income of licensed occupational therapist increased to $75,000. According to experts, the salaries of various occupational therapists in various work settings are expected to even increase in the next years due to the growing demand for occupational therapy services but limited numbers of qualified and licensed OT.

There are a lot of occupational therapy jobs with promising futures. Even occupational therapy assistants can expect great job opportunities in the next years because of the growing numbers of occupational therapists that will need able and efficient certified occupational therapy assistants. With the increasing numbers of patients in hospitals with disability problems, job opportunities for licensed OTs in hospitals will also increase. Aside from hospitals, career opportunities are also growing for licensed OTs in home care services and long-term health facilities focused on providing health care for the elderly patients.

There is also a promising future for occupational therapists with specialization in a specific health care field. Better career options are open for travel occupational therapists, home care occupational therapists and school occupational therapists. Because of the diverse specialization under occupational therapy, one of the crucial decisions to make when pursuing this career is to choose the right specialization that matches your skills, preferences, and career goals. But whatever specialization to pursue, aspiring occupational therapist can rest assure that a lot of career opportunities will be available for them.

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