Occupational Therapy Careers For Those With Young Children

Having a family makes way to many changes that you need to adjust to and can even lead to a lifestyle change.  Young children need a lot of attention from their parents and this mean that you have to sacrifice some time off work.  For a working mom this is very true while the father continues to work to provide the household necessities.  When children come, one of the spouses has to stop working, part time work or work full time at home.  If you are an occupational therapist, you can choose from among the three options for the time being.  For now, the priority is your family and there is a need to make your profession a sideline. On the other hand, you have to give it some importance as well.

As a mother, you may have to stop working to take care of the children while they are growing.  After a year or two, the kids can be looked after by babysitters or enrolled in day care centers allowing you to start working back as an occupational therapist.  In this situation, you may start part time work for the mean time.  This will give you the flexibility that you need as you will surely think of the well-being of your child or children. As a part time occupational therapist, you can also experience working from a home based occupational therapy clinic.

Later on, you have a choice to put up your own home based business.  This will enable you to work full time but right at your own home and you can look into your kids every once in a while.  This will be helpful to your personal growth and your relationship with your kids.  Even if your kids are already in school, parents need to guide them in the right path.  The opportunity to work at home will give them the comfort of having someone around in absence of their parents.  As an occupational therapist, you are not just limited to being employed but also running your own business.

Another thing with being an occupational therapist with young children, this may give you advantages in working with young patients.  Dealing with children can demand lots of patience and understanding.  As you also have your own children to handle, you are able to identify with the young patients more.  This will enable you to specialize in pediatric occupational therapy, which is also needed today.   As an occupational therapist, having a family will give you perspective in life and even better opportunities to grow.

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