Occupational Therapy Assistant – How Much Are They Earning?

Occupational therapy assistant is a medical profession that helps people with disabilities to perform tasks of everyday life. They work under the supervision and direction of a licensed occupational therapist. They must have an associate degree in occupational therapy and pass the licensure examination required by the State to practice the profession.

Occupational therapy assistants are becoming popular these days because of the increasing rate of the older people who are in need of care and assistance in doing activities on a daily basis. They implement the treatment plan formulated by the occupational therapist and at the same time give assistance. They report directly to the occupational therapist regarding the response of the patient to the treatment as well as any progress during and after each treatment.

The average income of an occupational therapy assistant is about $45,000 to at least $75,000 a year. Their salary is based on the years of practice and their competency. The more work experience you have, the higher your salary will be. A newly passed occupational therapy assistant may earn at least $2,000 to $3,000 a month.

Statistics show that the demand for this job will continue to rise for the coming years. This is primarily because of the number of elder people increasing every year. It is said that an estimate of more than forty thousand assistants are needed to be filled by the year 2018. Those with significant work experience are likely to choose companies or facilities that provide higher salaries and compensations.

To become an occupational therapy assistant, you need to finish your associate degree. This usually takes two years to finish. Then, you need to complete a sixteen-week internship before applying for a licensure examination. After completing the degree and training program, you are required to pass the licensure examination set by the State you desire to practice your profession.

Hospital, nursing care facility, home care service, and rehabilitation centers are the common places where an occupational therapy assistant works. You are expected to work with the patient under the regulation and control of a licensed occupational therapist. The occupational therapist is the one who creates the treatment plan, while the assistant help the patient to perform the activity and exercise program included in the treatment plan.

An occupational therapy assistant is also expected to be patient and determined as well as communicate well with the patient and utilize all necessary tools and materials needed during the treatment.

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