Occupational Therapist – Working On Non-Patient Care Jobs

Are you thinking about switching careers? You might be interested in a career in occupational therapy but do not want to focus on caring for patients. Is this even possible? Yes, it is and that is the beauty of the healthcare industry. This industry is so versatile and it can offer patient-care and non-patient care jobs for everyone entering the healthcare workforce.

Working in the healthcare industry is beneficial in your career because it is the fast growing industry today. This means that there will be plenty of jobs and more career opportunities. The versatility of the healthcare industry makes it very attractive for undergraduate students as well as those thinking about switching careers. There is a wide range of positions you can apply for that has nothing to do with patient care like IT jobs or being a healthcare manager. However, having a good background on patient care and having proper training is a must too.

What are the non-patient care jobs you can apply for with a certification or associate degree in occupational therapy?

  • Transcriptionist- You can become a medical transcriptionist for health care providers. Your job is to transcribe notes for doctors, hospitals and medical offices. These notes will be about chart reviews, surgical procedures or any type of information needed. You can work in a private clinic of an occupational therapist and be assigned to take notes on treatment sessions. This job is not very challenging but it will require your oath to secrecy. Transcriptionists in the healthcare industry earn around $42,000 annually.
  • Receptionist- Since you really do not want to work with patients directly, you can handle administrative duties instead. To gain experience, it will be best to work as a receptionist for an occupational therapy center or private clinic. This way, you will get to know the patients more. As a receptionist, you will greet patients, file insurance claims, set-up appointments, maintain patient information and handle clerical duties for the medical office. You should be able to multitask as a receptionist. You should always be friendly and presentable.
  • Healthcare Administrator- A healthcare administrator’s job will require a master’s degree because it acts as a manager in a healthcare facility. If you have a master’s degree in occupational therapy, you can choose to be an administrator instead. As an administrator, you will manage the staff and the daily activities in the facility. You will be in-charge of setting-up budget and designing the foundation programs, that occupational therapist should follow. This is a demanding job but at the same time financially rewarding.

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